Do I have more than one spirit animal?

I have found that many different animals and teachers come to us on our journey, but we will only develop a deep connection with a few. Many spirits visit us at different times in our lives to help us through different life challenges to help us with our self discovery. Different animal spirits will offer us different guidance, strengths and gifts, to help us overcome the adversities that are affecting us at that point in our lives.


How do I connect?

Every relationship with your power animal is unique, and there is no wrong way to communicate with them, You just need to invite them into your life. Make time for your spiritual practice, welcome them and listen with your heart. Honoring them as part of your spiritual practice will encourage them to stay longer. Closing your eyes, with the intention of meeting with them while resting, will help too. Writing and drawing are also ways to find connection to their world. I find it is important to say thank you for your lesson, time or gift, and this will encourage them to stay close as your guide.


Can you ask them a Question?

Yes... They welcome it. The more specific the question the better. They will then be able to advise you more specifically on your situation.


How do you talk with my Spirit Guide?

I find that asking your heart center for permission plays a major role in any ‘spiritual walking’ that I do. I meditate beforehand and ask that I become connected with the energy in your heart center. Once there, I ask your guides if they would like to spend some time with me to help you through different challenges in your life, or to help you find an answer to what is on your mind.