I was so thrilled when I received my animal spirit drawing and reading from Kassi! Sophina was fiercely strong but also a nurturing 'mother of dragons' just like myself being a mum to two feisty little ones. The reading bought me so much comfort and Kassi's artwork was out of this world! I love her energy and it really shows up in the wonderful pieces that she creates. Sophina now sits above my bed and brings me protection and guidance when needed. Would definitely order another one from her for the right person.

Anne - 

I received my Animal Spirit Guide portrait and it is so incredible... it looks great and the energy emanated from it right into my heart. I was just thrilled to receive such a beautiful work of art AND then I read through the message that was included and I was filled with emotion and a sense of recognition. Kassi saw me and was able to share lots of confirmation and insight. The message was PERFECTION. I'm so excited by the message I received and the visual of this guide. The experience has had an impact in my life today and I'm sure it will continue to do so.


I received my animal spirit guide from Kassi only a couple of days ago and I have to say, I haven't stopped looking at it. What a beautiful piece of art work and the intuitive message also included was on point!
Kassi your gifts are truly amazing and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to work with you!

Vanessa -

I received my animal spirit guide portrait today and it's absolutely amazing! Kassi has such a special gift. The artwork is beautiful and the reading resonated so deeply. I would definitely recommend her. Worth every penny

Nicky - 

I have been very fortunate to have had my spirit guide drawn by the very talented Kassi! I've referred half a dozen friends to get too because I feel a connection to her artwork that I didn't think even existed and I truly believe that everyone that can connect with Kassi and her amazing artwork have truly won. Kassi has an amazing ability to draw and do a reading in such a way that connects the animal to the owner...it's hard to explain but one you have to experience. I've even asked Kassi to do more work for me. Kassi, you're so very talented and a beautiful person both inside and out. I'm glad that we're becoming friends. Thankyou for everything! I'm forever grateful ♡

Donna -

Kassi has the gift of spirit art .Her talent just blows me away ! She is fantastic ! I I knew my guide as soon as i seen her picture we have met before .And now thanks to Kassi i get to look at her clearly. I am going to order another one as a gift .. Thank you Kassi for sharing your gift.xxxxx 

Natalie - 

Kassi is an incredible soul with a remarkable gift! I purchased an illustration/reading with Kassi this month and I was blown away when I promptly received it! It was not only the accuracy of what Kassi portrayed but also the learnings that I gained as a result of her work. I can honestly say, I am humbled to have crossed paths with such an enlightened soul, who has contributed light and knowledge into my life in such a short period of time. I will treasure your illustration forever and I hold the message that came with it very close to my heart. I highly recommend Tigiris Illustrations and Kassi to everyone!